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Cont'd adventures in Blauvelt.

Guys, I have something to confess. I've been sitting on this for a while, but I think you should know that I am not the person I have presented myself as*.

like three different rude hand gestures in one.  I couldn't choose!

I'm actually Indiana fucking Jones, reincarnate. Tom is my tiny little Asian boy sidekick. I hope you guys can forgive me for the lies and deception that have gone on these past few years. With your understanding and support, our friendship can continue uninterrupted.

Tom contemplates the giant tree. Actually he's eating croutons, but whatever.

Man, dwarfed by a huge fucking pine tree. Holy crap.

It's sort of like Where's Waldo?, but less sneaky.

Led Zeppelin AUDIO-CASSETTE from 1974 (that can't be right-- did they have audio-cassettes in the 70's? Maybe the recording was just from '74). Arbitrarily in the middle of the woods.

Graffiti outside of the first tunnel entrance.

Inside the tunnel. Tom has the flashlight, god damn him. At least I had the fedora, because (this is the best part) the tunnels were full of GIANT CRICKETS and BATS.

And many, many beer cans near the entrances.

Unfortunately the tunnel had flooded at the end and then caved in, so we couldn't get through.

On the other end of that graffiti'd wall we saw before was a staircase heading down.

Waaaayyyyy down. I nearly fell in, it was pretty great.

We scrambled down a hill and climbed on top of one of the lower tunnels to take a peek in the lower-level of the staircase (also collapsed).

At the same level as the last picture, we found a hole in the wall that opened out into a room presumably connected to the collapsed stairwell.

Also near the tunnels were some random garage-sized buildings. One of 'em had charred sleeping bags inside, which we did not photograph but did kick to check for dead bodies.

The entrance to the tunnel we stood on to peek inside the collapsed staircase.

We walked all the way through the second tunnel-- which was intensely creepy, and at one point sloped sharply underground-- and came out on the other side... at the bottom of the collapsed stairwell. Neat!

</center>This was the scariest thing we saw the whole time:


* Batman.
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