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Crooning Duran Duran all alone in the comp lab; unsettling the work study monitors.

So last semester the film project I liked best was an edited-in-camera piece under a minute and a half long about teaandlace staring longingly at some books. The actual assignment was to "describe a place on campus," which led to a lot of three-minute-long montages of the Pratt cats and the cafeteria. WELCOME TO COLLEGE! Our library is fucking cool, so I used Chelsea as a vehicle to guide the viewer through the building. My prof was not as impressed as I thought she would be, possibly because I accidentally admitted to filming the entire thing during our lunch hour. Lesson learned; profs are more likely to admire you if you flatter them by spending painstaking hours on their homework. See my Light Color & Design prof, who likes to assign cut-and-paste projects just to fulfill the six-hour homework requirement she threatened at the beginning of the semester.

The Library, right-click and save. Or just click-and-view. It MATTERS NOT, now that those stupid Russian kids have stopped dumping dozens of hotlinked images from my website on their fanart forum my bandwidth capabilities are returning to normal.

While I was compressing that file, one of the kids in my class was reading his horrible radio play script about God being an abusive parent, and I winced so hard my contact lens fell out. The prof let me go to the bathroom to put it back in. WILL I GET AN EYE INFECTION? MAYBE I'LL POLL YOU GUYS.

While we're on the subject of me being an idiot and an art student at the same time (cosmic multi-tasking abilities!), here's some blurry photos of the Rockland Psych Center compound I took out a bus window last weekend. Rockland Psych closed a few years ago, but not before a patient escaped and ran through my French teacher's backyard. I don't think that's why it closed, but now it's all boarded up and covered in vines. The 20 bus from the Port Authority drops people off inside for no apparent reason. I've been making plans to break in someday, and leave cryptic messages for the benefit of all the other people who break in.

I have Harry Potter fanart, but I will post it tomorrow because GUARDS, GUARDS CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY, WHY AM I STILL MAKING A LIVEJOURNAL POST? I have to read about Sam Vimes getting drunk and falling in a ditch! Forget this, yo.
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