bitch PLEASE.

if the spoilers in this post actually matter to you, please accept my apologies, and some valium.


I mean. Yeah, stuff happened that I would've liked not to, and stuff that I wanted to happen didn't, but I spent like half of the book laughing my (confused, sleep-deprived) ass off. $37 is totally worth that many "OH MAN WHAT DID _____ JUST SAY"s and shocked guffaws.

A little bit of watery-eyedness after certain deaths, I'll admit, and Harry's final journey into the woods kinda got to me, yanno? But mostly things were just really funny, possibly even in a way that suggests Rowling was trying to be funny. Gasp, shock.

But seriously:

The house-elves of Hogwarts swarmed into the entrance hall, screaming and waving carving knives

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fucking fandom.

SPOILER: Harry is secretly a unicorn!

My current method of dealing with Harry Potter spoilers is to pretty much believe anything. Even stuff that probably isn't true, or is heavily distorted. I want to breeze through the book when the time comes instead of working myself up over nothing, but I remember the last two releases*. For Order of the Phoenix I valiantly resisted all spoilers but it was like pure torture, and for Half-Blood Prince I read spoilers but refused to believe any of them, which just made me frustrated and anxious. But believing everything totally removes my ability to filter and process information in a logical fashion. It's the Luna Lovegood approach to fandom. I like it.

I guess I could read the first few chapters online if I really wanted to, but the midnight release is Second Christmas to me now. Yanno. LOGICALLY you know there's nothing really magical going on, and your presents are all nice things but just things and once you've got them it's... over. So really the best part is that anticipation, and the togetherness. If I could, I'd stretch the next four days out for four weeks.

* I did go to the Goblet of Fire release, but all of the spoilers I remember hearing for that wound up being total lies. Fandom was not the well-oiled machine it is now, dudes.
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anger is sometimes a healthy emotion.

Just kill me now, already.

the cynic sect: the maddening thing about this
the cynic sect: is that the newscast
the cynic sect: is like not even a big deal
the cynic sect: and is barely even shown
the cynic sect: like it's all: over jorge's shoulder on in the background or you just hear it.
the cynic sect: or*
the cynic sect: but it has to be shot and editing
the cynic sect: edited
the cynic sect: augh
the cynic sect: so I can burn it to dvd
the cynic sect: and play it while we're filming the first scene.
the cynic sect: and we have to shoot most of the film in roughly chronological order
the cynic sect: because once somebody's shooting clothes get fake blood on them
the cynic sect: that's it, there's fake blood on them for the rest of the time we're shooting.
the cynic sect: you see my dillemma here.
Cogg453: i like ducks
Cogg453: and you already sound like the burnt out director
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fucking fandom.

Our plan to avoid being arrested is Not Get Caught.

Re: yesterday's post and the zombie invasion in general, haha, I think the whole thing was awesome. I actually didn't know about it until I'd read a few people's posts, and like some other folks out there in LJ-land, a few of them had me going "aaaaahuhh!" a little bit, on the inside.

BUT: I sense the oncoming apocalypse three times a week or more. That is... not a joke. It's part of my social anxiety disorder. So reading posts by people who are all "gosh that is just not funny! I was really worried! Everyone should have made it clear they were joking, thereby ruining the actual joke!" does not inspire a lot of sympathy from me. WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

What it really makes me want to do is spin a moderately illegal modern-day recreation of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast, actually. Broadcast signal intrusion plus zombies. I'm trying to imagine how I would explain my incarceration to my fellow inmates shortly thereafter. If I interrupted the signal during the '08 presidential debates, you think I could argue it as political commentary?

Oh, my particular post about zombies was laughable mostly because I make reference to a "film crew," which implies both that the script is done enough for us to have started filming and also that this production will have anything approaching a "film crew." Lord almighty. I was watching the director's commentary for The Hills Have Eyes the other day, and Wes Craven was laughing about how he only had twelve people on his crew out in the desert. And that his budget was only $250,000. Suck my imaginary dick, Wes. At this rate my "film crew" is going to be sircharlie & I running in frantic circles next to the camera, a handful of talent that's never been sober in front of a camera before, and half a dozen people who think that we can forego practical effects for "editing."

I mean. I look upon each and every person thus far involved in the zombie movie with infinite affection, and I have faith in a lot of them to be both creative and surprisingly reliable, but if this gets off the ground it's going to be a bumpy ride. The most charitable pay-off will be brief YouTube fame, with a potential niche market in local teens who never got the chance to experience the magic of Letchworth*, since it's about to be renovated into condos.

Letchworth being a psychiatric facility open from the 1930's until 1996. It was a significant step up from hurling the mentally unstable in prisons, but like pretty much every other attempt at corralling society's unwanteds into one spot and paying people to look after them, it didn't work so hot. Because no one can accept that all of these places fostered abuse and neglect, locals have a tendency to greatly exaggerate and severely distort the real problems. Letchworth is swamped in mismatched urban legends and unfounded superstition... Which pretty much makes it the most awesome thing ever for bored kids looking to scare the pants off themselves. Literally.

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Hello, Dave! indeed. Also at Letchworth: a lot of porn and graffiti about 420, poorly-rendered pentagrams, someone misspelling the word "retarded," and a lot of things about death.

Oh, and kittens!
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SO MANY BURNING QUESTIONS., mj draws too much.

swore never to use fucking camera phones, bt dsprate times





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SO MANY BURNING QUESTIONS., mj draws too much.

got a wig for his wig; got a brain for his heart-- he'll kick you apart, he'll kick you apart!

I am probably the last person on the planet to actually watch this, but it is so awesome I cannot stop playing it over and over again. ATE OPPONENTS BRAINS, AND INVENTED COCAINE. That's lyrical genius, right there. God bless you, Brad Neely.

Some of you may vaguely recall my last trip through Camp Bluefields about a year ago. It's a shooting range that was built during World War I but was abandoned after three years, because whoever designed it? Was retarded, and all the soldiers had to shoot directly into the sun during sunset, so they kept overshooting and bullets were landing in Grand View (the hamlet between Nyack and Piermont along the Hudson). Anyway, now it's primarily a right of passage for kids living in Central Nyack, and the place is covered in graffiti and fake Satanic symbols. Awesome.

So naturally it's the perfect filming location for a zombie short. We're actually working on a script, which is more progress than I've ever made before on my dream of actually making a zombie movie, so I took my partners in crime up a week or two ago to get a feel for the place.

Actually, Zim (long-haired chap on the right) was the one who took us up-- I had told Jorge about the tunnels, and then Zim had told Jorge about "the Nike airbase" that he had been to one time when he was drunk. I've been to the Nike airbase, it's boring, so I was like, "I think we're talking about the same thing, but fine: lead the way." And he did know a shorter way of getting there, which almost redeemed him in my eyes. But he spent the whole car ride yapping about Satanic rituals. Whatever, I love Rocklanders.

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SO MANY BURNING QUESTIONS., mj draws too much.

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I am going to be twenty this Saturday! I'm healthier and harder working than I was a year ago, but also a lot less interesting. I'm beginning to accept that no one will ever be as impressed with me as I want them to be.

Here's a poem.

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Oh, and I got accepted at SVA for the Fall Semester, so I can friggin' finally get back to the city. I didn't earn any merit scholarships this time, though... There's a Restoration Hardware a few blocks from the dorm I'm hoping to stay in, christ willing I can, I dunno, transfer from my store to theirs.

Or money could just appear in my pockets. That'd work for me, too.
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Hot air balloons, part II

Haha, on our final run only two really made it up into the air, and only the one I filmed made it up high enough that we never saw it again. Mine and one other guy's managed to sort of... get up to the tree-line, but then kinda dejectedly floated back down, and inevitably tore up when we tried to rescue them from the wind. Sigh.

At least mine didn't start smoking.

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